The GENESIS : Tracking to the roots

              The Kerala State Housing Board a body corporate, constituted under the Kerala State Housing Board Act (Act 19 of 1971): for the organized direction and planning in the preparation and execution of housing and improvement schemes in the State . Kerala State Housing Board, acronymed as KSHB, came in to being on the 5th of March 1971, amalgamating with the erstwhile City Improvement Trust. All function properties, interests, rights, obligations, assets and liabilities of the erstwhile City Improvement Trust were vested with the KSHB, the new corporate entity.

              The conference of the Housing Ministers held in 1957 and in 1961 had envisaged the establishment of a Housing Board or corporation in very state, so as to cater to the housing requirements in each state. The prevailing legislation in those times for training and execution of housing schemes were poor and lacking. There was neither any comprehensive legislation nor any law encompassing of the since economic and demographic aspects of habitation at that point of time. The Trivandrum City Improvement Trust ct 1960 (Act of 1961) which provided for training and execution of housing scheme was limited to the Trivandrum city. The town planing act. 1108 (Act IV of 1108) pertained to the cities of Travancore & Kochi regions. The Madras Town planning Act 1920 ( Madras Act VII of 1920) was applicate to the Malabar area only. The existing stakeholders in the government and non-government sectors functioned without any coordination and they failed to function effectively, as the provisions were handily sufficient to meet the requirements. At this juncture the Government of Kerala deemed it necessary to enact a comprehensive law with the jurisdiction over the entire state for providing organized direction planning and execution of the housing activities and other improvement schemes . In view of the above, the Kerala State Housing Board ordinance 1970 ( 24 of 1970) was promulgated and the KSHB come in to being in 1971 as the successor entity of the erstwhile city Improvement Trust. The Official blossoming of the Board look place at an opulent functions on 20.3.1971 at the Kanakakunnu palace, Trivandrum. However, the Kerala State Housing Board shall be deemed to have come in to force on the 5th day of March 1971 with the general objected of mitigating the housing shortage of the state with special emphasis to provide affordable housing and other infrastructure development to all sections of the society especially to the Economically weaker Sections.


 The Structure


As regards the organizational Structure of this ‘Sates’ own builder’, it has a 17 member apex body, a supreme governing body under the stewardship of a Chairman nominated by the Government. Among the 17 members, there shall be four official members and 11 non official members. The Housing Commissioner to the state, is the ex-officio Secretary to the KSHB, an executive head who is also a member of the governing body .


The whole state is divided in to three Regions-viz Thiruvnathapuram, Kochi and Kozhikoe, headed by a Regional Engineer in the rank Superintending Engineer. The three Regional Engineers and the Deputy Chief Engineer in the Head office are under the control of a Chief Engineer stationed at Trivandrum. The Chief Project Engineer, next below to the Chief Engineer, is in charge of the project implemented by the Board and also the consultancy works. KSHB is having Division offices in each districts headed by an Executive Engineer.


The Chief Architect is in charge of the Architectural drawings and designes. The other Engineering activities such as Planning, Design , Execution, Monitoring etc are covered under the respective wings in the head quarters. Areas such as Estate, Loan Recovery, Rent, Administration, Public Relation, conduct of board meetings , are all under the control of an Additional Secretary & Deputy Collector on deputation from the Revenue Department and a Law officer form the Law Department secretariat are in charge of the respective departments,Finance,Accounts,Audit are under the control of the Finance Manager assisted by a Chief Accounts Officer. The State Audit Department is the official Auditors in addition to the AG. The Computerization projects in KSHB are done by an Internal IT Cell Headed by Systems Manager.



Construction Works

KSHB has been designated as nodal agency for the implementation of the costal housing and re-settlement programme (CHRP) under TRP. Government has also decided to entrust the construction of houses at Trivandrum, Mallapuram, Kozhikode, Kannur and Kasaragod districts to KSHB for direct execution.

Housing Board undertake the construction of 1204 houses at Thiruvananthapuram (31), Kasaragod (270), Kannur (128), Kozhikode (567) and Malappuram (208).  Land at Beemapally (Thiruvananthapuram) and Veliyamkode (Malappuram) are only handed over to Housing Board.The Technical staff from Housing Board has been deputed to TRP Cells and Collectorate.



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Housing Schems

Kerala State Housing Board - A pioneer in catering to the housing needs of all who loved to have a house in our state - “God’s Own Country”. A premier institution of Government in the Housing sector having a track record of 44 years with 7 lakh houses. Have completed more than 5,000 units of flats all over the state. Besides the above, it has constructed and leased more than 12 lakhs sq.ft of space under commercial cum office complexes in the state.

Schemes Planned

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The Kerala State Housing Board at its meeting held on 27.4.2002 has formulated a Consultancy and Construction Wing to provide Consultancy service in all fields of Civil Engineering and to take up execution of works on contract or deposit basis.The construction activities of the Board are carried out by the Regional Offices at Trivandrum, Kochi and Kozhikode through 15 Divisional offices (one in each district) and 2 Nos. of Project Divisions.


  Projects at a Glance

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