Kerala State Housing Board: Kerala State Housing Board established in 1971 with a view to the objective of formulating and implementing various hosing schemes, particularly for the economically weaker sections (EWS).The board also undertake schemes such as government directed schemes, slum improvement schemes, construction work for other agencies, commercial cum office complexes etc. KSHB has won several laurels for its contribution in the field of Housing. The Board has been chosen as the best housing agency in the country during 1992-93, 94-95, 95-96, 96-97, 97-98, 98-99 and the year 99-2000. The award was instituted by HUDCO (Housing and Urban Development Corporation).


          M.N Laksham Veedu Punar Nirmana Padhathi – The one lakh housing scheme was launched in 1972 and a substantial number of houses are inneed of renovation/reconstruction. The scheme which has been renamed as MN Lakshamveedu Punarnirmana Padhathi on 19.09.08 was envisaged for the reconstruction of houses constructed under one lakh housing scheme of 1972-76 period. Approved subsidy rate for the general category is `75000/-, Scheduled Caste -`100000 and Scheduled Tribe - `125000. Under this scheme 100% Govt. subsidy will be given by KSHB. Upto 2014-15 September-30, 8709 houses have been constructed under this scheme


       Innovative Housing Scheme -The scheme was envisaged in 2008-09 to provide residential flats in Government land to provide residential flats in Government land to poor urban workers who are forced to stay far away from their workplace. During the period from 2009-10 to 2013-14 Board has constructed 188 flats out of which 157 have been distributed so far. Construction of another 24 flats has been started and is under progress


              Grihasree Housing Scheme - In this scheme financial assistance is given as Govt subsidy @ `2 lakh/house for the construction of houses in EWS/LIG category in their own land with the support of Voluntary Organizations. Govt. has released 10.50 crore for meeting expenditure towards capital subsidy for 525 houses in the financial year 2013-14


           Saphalyam Housing Scheme - The scheme envisages setting up of support services and infrastructure facilities for the construction of BPL category.alongwith local bodies. (unit cost of 280 sq.ft will be 3.50 lakh 2lakh Govt subsidy,1 lakh loan from HUDCO,25000 voluntary contribution from NGO and `25000 beneficiary contribution. Under this scheme construction of 240 flats in various locations is under progress


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