Tuesday, 26 March 2019
Working Womens Hostel Muttom Thodupuza
KSHB  Working Womens Hostel at  Muttom  started  functioning  in  June  2002.  Its  a  hostel for Working Women  but  since  2002, majority of of our inmates  are  students   and  is  running  housefull  since 2002.
The  Hostel is  situated  8  KM from  Thodupuzha town  in  Thodupuzha-Moolamattom  route.  Its  capacity  is  180  beds.  Has  50  three seated  rooms, 8  single  rooms  and  a  dormitory  for  23  persons.   We  have  a  residential Matron, a  warden,  2  sweepers&  2  watchmen  working  here   on  contract  basis.  AEE Thodupuzha holds  the post  of Hostel Manager.
The  Hostel is  managed  by  a  Hostel Management  Committee which  include  Secretary-KSHB, Chairman-KSHB, Board Member,  District Collector, DSP, District Social Welfare Officer, Social Worker, Panchayat Ward Member, Inmates Representatives  etc.
The  Mess  is  managed  by  the  inmates, Matron & Warden and is in dividing system.  Now  the  total fees  to  be remitted  by  an  inmate/month  comes  to  Rs.2300/- including  Rent & Mess fee.


Working Womens Hostel Kottayam
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