Friday, 29 May 2020

Suraksha Housing Scheme

The scheme is to give financial assistance for the   houseless EWS  in both Urban and Rural areas limiting  the Govt. assistance to the vulnerable sections under the EWS group after strict scrutiny of their eligibility. Under this Scheme, assistance will be given to persons owning at least 2 cents of land to construct a house by themselves. The scheme will have an option to associate Voluntary Agencies and NGOs to assist the construction. Vide GO(MS) No.9/2005/Hsg dated 21-3-2005, the capital subsidy from the State Government shall be Rs.9000 per house and Rs.2000 shall be the beneficiary/Voluntary contribution.  Rs.19,000/- will be  construction loan for a building costing Rs.30,000/-.  
In cases where Voluntary Organizations are associated, they shall provide entire amount to the beneficiary or build the structure upto roof level  and the Govt Subsidy shall be disbursed. In this case no loan component is involved and beneficiary is fully free from repayment.

New Suraksha Housing Scheme

The Board in its  meeting held on 16/7/07 had approved a new financial pattern for Suraksha HS and requested the Government  for sanction on 1/8/07.  In this scheme the construction cost of one house is taken as Rs.1,00,000/-  (having a plinth area of 30m2) against the present amount of Rs.30,000/- and the Government Subsidy as Rs.25,000/- against Rs.9,000/- (sanctioned as per order GO(MS) No.9/2005/Hsg dt.21/3/2005).  The pattern suggested is as follows:

Share of beneficiary                                   -        Rs.25,000/-
Share of Voluntary organization               -        Rs.50,000/-
Govt. Subsidy                                               -        Rs.25,000/-
Total                                                                 -  Rs.1,00,000/-

It is proposed to construct 2000 houses during the financial year 2010-2011 under the scheme.

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